Applying For A Job

InterviewAt The Warehouse, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to apply for a job. So what should you expect when you apply for a job with us?

From applying online through this website, to meeting your future Manager and team, we want to make sure that you get a true picture of what it will be like to work for us.

If you have any questions about our recruitment process, or would like to provide us with some feedback, please do so by emailing us on  

Tailor your CV

Your CV is very important - it's your own personal brand. It should tell us about the skills and experiences you've gained through your career so far and provide dates, referees and current contact details. What is really impressive is if you highlight your achievements in each position. We also recommend that you attach a covering letter letting us know why you are applying for the role and why you believe your skills meet the requirements of the position.

You can find some great ideas on what works well in a CV on the Career Services website. Click here to find out more.

How to apply online

If you've seen a position you would like to apply for, please take a few minutes to apply online. This won't take long and you can even attach a copy of your CV. Just follow the steps in the online application form. It's that easy.

When you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. This lets you know we have received your application. As we often receive a large number of applications, you may not hear from us again for a little while. Don't worry, your application is in our system and we will contact you.

Job Interview Process

Interviews are a really important part of the hiring process. They allow time for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know us too. The interview has some structured behavioural type questions but mostly it is informal and offers plenty of time for you to ask lots of questions. You may need to complete an application form and/or a criminal history check form when you attend the interview. 

In some instances, you may need to attend a second interview to give us the opportunity to ask you further questions. You may also get to meet the team you will be working with.

What is a behavioural interview?

A behavioural interview is designed to get specific examples of the behaviours you demonstrate in tasks or situtations as opposed to just your views or opinions on things.  For example, we may ask you to tell us about a time when you had a lot of things to do in a short space of time.  Your answer should tell us what you had to get done, how long you had to complete it, how you want about getting it done and whether you completed it on time or not.

There are lots of websites that explain behavioural interviewing and the types of questions you may come across in more detail, so check them out before your interview.

We want you to do well in the interview so please come prepared. Make sure you have a sound understanding of who we are. This website is full of everything you need to know. From detailed information on our business and how it works to an insight into our culture and our people - you'll find it all here. We expect you to do your homework on us and we hope you'll have plenty of questions for us too.

Psychometric Assessment

For a number of roles we may ask you to complete a psychometric assessment as part of the interview process. The two types of assessments we use are personality and ability tests. Personality assessments allow us to gain a better understanding of your interpersonal style, customer focus and work attitudes (including leadership potential). Ability assessments help us understand your ability to critically analyse words and/or numbers.