VEON - a new dimension in visual and audio technology


With a huge range of TVs from 19" LED with built-in DVD, right up to 46" Full HD LCD, this is The Warehouse’s largest range of LCD and LED TVs. Priced from $299, VEON Televisions have approved Freeview Digital Tuners, Full HD, are Blu-Ray ready with multiple HDMI inputs and USB inputs allowing external hard drives to be plugged in for extended playback and record functionality.

The VEON range is manufactured in China using components from leading brands like Samsung, LG and other large LCD/LED manufacturers. By tapping into supply chains serving the largest markets in the world like the US and Europe, VEON is able to leverage these economies of scale to keep costs down. For The Warehouse customers this means that quality televisions, packed full of features are now more affordable than ever.

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All VEON audio products are uniquely designed to work with iPods and iPhones and provides advanced audio and radio performance that bring out the best in your music.

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Quality Assurance

All LED/ LCD TVs come with an extensive 3-year manufacturer's warranty and all Blu-Ray and Audio products carry a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


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