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Christmas decorations, lights, gifts & more

Christmas is a time of decorating Christmas trees, tinsel, hilariously silly Christmas jumpers and Christmas pyjamas, Christmas treats, family and, of course, presents.

Whether you’re a fan of decorating the Christmas tree with lights and other Christmas tree decorations, or you’re more into sitting back and letting the festivities wash over you, you’ll find everything you need to have your best Christmas ever at The Warehouse.

Christmas cards are an essential part of any gift, and sometimes that’s all there needs to be, a beautiful card to say I love you to a grandmother, father, or partner. You’ll find the perfect Christmas stocking stuffers, Christmas candles and the quintessential Christmas wreath for the front door of your home.

However, you spend your Christmas with whanau friends and family, make sure you prioritise the most important and fun aspects of the holiday, such as decorating the tree with friends and family.