Autumn is nature’s best time for planting! The soil is still warm from summer and moist from autumn rains.
It’s the season to sow new lawns or renovate or maintain existing ones, to plant pots with bulbs for Spring blooms and to plant veges for winter and spring harvests.


Start with replenishing the soil in your vege post or beds with either compost, blood and bone, or sheep pellets. This will provide a healthy new foundation for your crops.

  • Sow seeds of: beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, spinach, swedes and turnips
  • Quick growing winter greens to sow now include: endive, gourmet lettuces, rocket, baby kale, mizuna, mibuna and baby spinach
  • Good winter herbs to sow now include: parsley and coriander
  • Plant citrus trees (lemons, mandarins, oranges & limes), blueberries and feijoas
  • Prepare new planting sites with compost and plant into garden mix.
  • Protect grape vines with bird netting.
  • Fertilise citrus trees in early autumn
  • Mulch your flower beds to suppress weeds and protect plants from the cooler months ahead
  • Time to sow: alyssum, arctotis, bellis, calendula, cineraria, dianthus, godetia, linaria, Pansy, polyanthus, primula, snapdragon, stock, sweetpea, sweet william and violas for winter and spring colour
  • Freshen up containers with autumn and winter flowering annuals including: antirrhinums, pansies, primulas, polyanthus, and spring flowering bulbs.
Keep pests at bay
Keeping pests at bay and surviving the elements
  • Use Just or Westminster Slug & Snail Bait to protect seedlings
  • Protect brassica crops from caterpillars of White Butterfly by sprinkling with Derris Dust
  • Spray fruit & veggies with Yates Champ DP Copper Fungicide to protect against leaf curl, leaf blight, leaf spots, downy mildew, black spot and verrucosis
  • Autumn is nature’s perfect time for planting trees and shrubs – soil is still warm from summer and moist from autumn rains, encouraging good root growth before the onset of winter and giving plants a good head start in spring
  • Replant hanging baskets with pansies, violas, primulas and polyanthus, to provide welcome autumn & winter colour. For best results, use fresh potting mix and liquid feed every 10-14 days
  • Spraying fruit trees with fungicide in autumn helps kill off disease before leaves fall and lessens the incidence of disease next season
  • Fertilise newly sown veges and flowers, fortnightly, with fast-acting Just Liquid Blood n Bone to encourage strong growth
  • Check conifers and citrus for any signs of borer damage. If borer holes are present in the trunk, clear out any debris in the entrance and squirt in low toxic McGregor’s Insect Control pyrethrum. Remove dead foliage in the centre of conifers by hosing off with a strong jet of water or clear away by rubbing with a gloved hand
  • When planting, add a long-term fertiliser, such as Daltons Controlled Release Plant Food. Create a series of small holes around the base of the plant and fill holes with fertiliser pellets. Stake plants if necessary to help them establish and prevent wind rock and root damage