Mary Penman

Meet this year’s The Warehouse
Mother of the Year – Mary Penman!

Nominated by her daughter, Heather, and chosen from over 3000 nominated mums in New Zealand, Mary is described as being selfless, mindful, humble and always putting others before herself, a mum to not only her four children, but is considered a “mum” to her friends, neighbours and other parents in the community.

Mary reflected The Warehouse company vision, which is to help New Zealanders to flourish. Her continual commitment to helping others in the community demonstrates she is an inspiration and role model - not just to her own children but to other mums and families.

Read Heather’s nomination below:

My mum should win The Warehouse Mother of the year because she is constantly looking out for others, she is practically a full-time volunteer. She does a Mainly Music preschool programme and rounds up the mums when they're struggling in life. She takes meals around to people when they're low on food or are unwell, she cooks cakes for every mum's birthday! It's a lot of cakes!

She also runs a cooking class for mums because some don't know how to cook simple and cheap meals for their family. On top of that she cares for some with mental health issues and attends doctors’ appointments for so many. She looks after her parents so well and often has to stay all night at hospital when they go in. On top of all this, she is due for ankle surgery... She never complains... And yet we know she's tired cause she sometimes falls asleep during dinner time and when doing the dishes and all sorts. She totally lives her life for others and very much deserves this!!!