Declutter for Summer

Summer vibes scream relaxation, so take advantage of the extra daylight to organise your space in order to truly enjoy it. These simple additions will make a world of difference, and save you time in the long-run.

Our Top Organising Tips!

  • - Focus on using the space you have. Aim to simplify by storing items away in places you don’t use like under your bed, or in closet spaces. If space is limited, focus on organising items in an appealing, yet tidy manner in cool storage containers that you can make a feature!
  • - Get creative with your storage items. They don’t all have to be plain and boring – add a splash of colour to bring a new sense of life to your space.

Label and fill stylish boxes with categorised documents to allow easy access to all your paperwork.
Brilliant for creating order to a chaos of paperwork!

Shop Indoor Planter Pots

Summer is on its way, so bring a little of the outdoor fun inside!

Fill small pots with your bathroom tools and essentials. These would be a great and quirky addition to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, hair accessories and more!

Storage containers are a great investment when striving to declutter your space!

These containers can slide straight under your bed achieving an out of sight and out of mind feel. Perfect for storing your winter clothes, children’s toys, and non-essential items that take up space and get in the way.

Make use of a trendy ladder frame, and hang your towels, blankets, magazines, clothes, and throws on display.

It’s the perfect space to show off your stuff, while keeping them out of the way and handy for when you need them.

Incorporate glass jars! Not only do they store your items effectively, but they also look great and are very on trend. Items you could store include:
Laundry power, makeup sponges, buttons, cereals, tea bags, spices, rice, oats, cotton balls, flour, cocoa, salt, sugar, nuts, cotton buds, pasta and more!
Remove the lid you could even use jars as stylish paintbrush, pen or kitchen utensil holders.

Shop Baskets
Shop Baskets

When decluttering, categorising is your best friend! Collect all your similar products together and store them in neat baskets. Baskets work practically, holding all your items as well as looking pretty and sleek.

As storage, baskets are incredibly versatile and can be used all around the house!

In the bathroom you can store all your creams, sprays, and shower essentials in baskets that can either be left out in plain site or hidden away. Hold your toilet paper and rolled towels in dip coloured baskets for a little splash of style!

Baskets in bedrooms can offer order to children’s toys, cords and wires. As well as kitchen foods like fruits and vegies are a perfect match for stylish baskets!

Taking advantage of an over door organiser is a great way to reduce cutter. It can be multi-purposed to hold a variety of items such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers, straighteners, sprays, toys, spices, food and so much more! The diversity of this product not only allows you to organise effectively but also it can be used in all areas of the home.

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