Online Easter Egg Hunt

We’ve created an Easter Egg hunt for you to join online!  Across the website we’ve hidden a special Easter Egg icon within 50 different products.  If you find an egg that looks like this  on a product, it means that IF you purchase the product, we’ll give you a FREE Easter Gift!   The details of your free gift will be specified next to the Easter Egg icon.  There are 5 different gifts that we’ll give away between 12 and 26 March:


* 6 pack of Cadbury Crème Eggs (automatically added to your cart) [Maximum 5 per order]

* $10 towards your next purchase (you will be emailed a promo code) [1 per order]

* Free delivery on your basket (automatically applied) [1 per order]

* $10 gift card with your purchase (when you add the product the basket) [1 per order]

* Cadbury Favourites Egg Tin 700g (automatically added to your cart) [Maximum 5 per order]


Happy hunting!