Towel Buyers Guide

From what to look for when buying towels to how to wash them after you’ve bought them!
We’re making towel buying easy!

What makes our towels so special?

Our buyers have worked hard to bring you great quality towels at amazing prices that won’t break the bank. Our towels come in a fantastic range of sizes, colours and softness all suited to your individual needs!

What’s important when buying Towels?

  • GSM and Weight:
    What does GSM mean? GSM stands for grams per square metre and is a good indication of how heavy and dense a towel is. A good rule of thumb is the higher the GSM the thicker and more absorbent the towel will be. Remember that heavier towels will be able to absorb more water but will dry slower and light-weight towels will absorb less but dry faster. So make sure you think about how often you’ll be using your towels when considering buying.
  • Cotton Type:
    Determines the durability, absorbency and feel of the towel.
  • Quality Control:
    We test all our towels for absorbency, shrinkage and colour fastness to ensure they wash and wear well and offer good value for money.

Our Range


Essential Durably Soft and Absorbent

A lightweight, absorbent towel, giving great value as a core essential for any bathroom.

• 100% Carded Cotton

• 430gsm

• An everyday essential!

• Available in face, hand and bath sizes


Classic and durable, Soft and Absorbent

The Montreal range features a smart twist design cotton. The softer and more absorbent yarn is created by wrapping fine yarn around thicker low twist yarn creating a soft and absorbent texture.

Montreal is a classic towel for easy living, in a contemporary and modern bathroom!

• 100% Combed Cotton

• 500gsm – New heavier weight!

• Smart twist design

• Plush and Absorbent!

• Available in face, Hand, bath towel, bath mat and spa towel sizes


Luxuriously Soft and Absorbent

Our sumptuously thick, luxurious cotton towel is just the right weight for optimum softness and absorbency.

• 100% Cotton

• 700gsm - Thick and luxurious!

• Available in face, hand and bath sizes

Caring For Your Towels

• Follow the wash care instructions

• Limit the use of fabric softeners on towels - prolonged use will leave a film on the threads and decrease absorbency

• To avoid colour-fading use detergents designed for colours and dilute or dissolve in water prior to laundering

• Tumble-drying on cool/medium heat will give towels a soft and fluffy finish

• All towels need a period of time to "settle down" – after this initial period they will fluff less and become more absorbent. Softer and darker towels tend to fluff more and for longer.