Little ones need emotional support too

Laying the foundations for good mental health starts when your littlie is at their littlest. So much of how we interact with others and our world is connected to how secure we’re feeling within ourselves and our relationships. To make them feel secure, we need to show our kids that we’re doing the big business of parenting and they can trust us in that.

Be there for their big feelings

Kids have big feelings - and they can be confusing. Amidst all the big feelings, the sadness and the stress that growing up can bring, they need to be held. Kids need to be shown compassion and care from their parents.

Compassion and care doesn’t mean changing the situation. More often than not, it just means being there for them when the situation doesn’t change.

Ask your child - “How are you feeling?”

Set up routines

Make sure you’ve got patterns and routines that your kids can count on. Things like sitting at the table together for dinner, having storytime, and having chores that each child is responsible for are really great daily rhythms. When you’re little, the little things in your day that you know you can trust help to develop a sense of security.

Ask your child - “What’s your favourite thing to do each day?”

Keep things playful

Reminding your kids that you enjoy them will help them to build a robust sense of self as they go out to take on the big wide world. You can do this by keeping things playful every day - make jokes, be silly, have fun with them. It can be as simple as making their toothbrush talk to them when it’s time to brush their teeth.

Ask your child - “What’s your favourite fun memory of us together?” 

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