Looking after your own needs is ok too

Our kids look to us when it feels like the world is falling apart around them. We can’t look to our kids in the same way. That’s why having a couple of people you know you can call in moments of crisis is crucial. Putting precious people on speed dial will help you to feel like even though you’re struggling, you’re not alone.

Ask your child - “Which of our grown-up friends do you like hanging out with?”

Get less done

Give yourself permission to be a ‘good enough’ parent, not a perfect one. Even if you’re running a little late, or forgetting your lunch, you’re still managing to get out of bed and keep going. That’s enough for now.

Ask your child - “What’s your favourite thing to do to help me?”

Take two

It’s easy to take things out on the people who love you the most - including your kids. That’s why we suggest a ‘take two’. When you’ve had it up to here and you let it show by getting your shout on, try again. You could say, “Just a moment, let me try that again with my calm mummy voice.” Your kids will find it funny, and it will help you to reset.

Ask your child - “What helps you to feel calm?”

Pain is pain and it will always show up in seasons of our life. Whatever the season, you are still the answer to every question for your child. Remember that even if you walk with a limp for a bit, your child will be okay because you are there with them.

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