Mental Health

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our team members & our communities are our beating heart. That’s why supporting New Zealanders to reach their full potential is a key focus for us. As part of supporting New Zealanders across the country, we’ve partnered with Parenting Place.

Parenting Place supports New Zealand families through a range of programmes, courses, camps and resources. We’re very proud to support an organisation that concentrates on the very heart of what makes a great society - growing strong and loving families.

Our partnership with Parenting Place is one that puts a lot of love and support behind their Attitude programme which exists to help parents and young people thrive. The Attitude team works in schools across the nation, delivering positive mental health messages to young people, equipping them with information and skills to build meaningful lives.

They’re experts in building rapport and engaging youth, which is why we stand firmly in their corner. The programme reaches over 295,000 intermediate and high school students nationwide annually through Parenting Place’s dynamic presenters.

The Parenting Place has heaps of fantastic information & resources to help you out, too. Click here to navigate their resources.

What events are we running to support Mental Health Awareness Week? We will be running a series of speaking events with Parenting Place’s team within 4 stores across the country. The talk is for parents - offering insights and valuable strategies for understanding and chatting with their kids about mental health. These stores are Sylvia Park, Rotorua, Wellington, and Riccarton. Each of these events will be free to attend and open to the public.

What can you do to help? We will be running a fundraiser for Parenting Place from 4 September to 1st October in store where you can donate by purchasing a $3 sticker pack, or a $3 limited-edition bag. The funds raised will go directly to Parenting Place to support the Attitude programme.

Another way to help if you don’t have anything to give, is to attend our in store speaking events. These have been created to help you and your family, as well as spreading awareness about maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.