Here For Good : Our Planet

Our Partners

We can’t create change on our own, which is why we partner with trusted organisations to support us in becoming more sustainable. Learn more about our partners below.


Partner  Description Link
Reclaim The Warehouse Group works with Reclaim to minimise and divert our operational waste at source.
Waste Management NZ Waste Management helps us to minimise and divert our operational waste at source. When landfill waste is inevitable, we use Waste Management NZ's facilities to minimise greenhouse gas generated from landfills.
Astron Sustainability We work closely with Astron Sustainability to divert and recycle plastic wraps from our distribution centres.
Oji Fibre Solutions Oji Fibre enables us to divert and recycle our operational cardboard packaging from the landfills.
Custom Fleet We use Custom Fleet to transform our light passenger vehicle fleet to 100% electric.
All Heart New Zealand All Heart New Zealand not only helps us re-direct and repurpose our own unwanted items, but also extends the offer to help our customers move away from sending their unwanted equipment to landfill.