Here For Good : Our Planet

Reusable Bags

In June 2018, The Warehouse took a major step to cut plastic waste – a key part of the journey to lessen our impact on the environment. We introduced reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags. And we made them sustainable and affordable, with reusable totes for just $1 and canvas bags for only $2. Every few months we roll out limited-edition canvas tote bags, with designs created by artists including Dick Frizzell, Trelise Cooper and Rangi Kipa.

With 100% of the profits going to national community partners and local community groups, more than $2 million has been raised through the sale of the bags.

Here are some of the cornerstone initiatives this programme has funded:Helping 93,000 young people via our Attitude programme for Parenting Place.Contributing to Aspire, a youth skills development programme through The Salvation Army, challenging young Kiwis to address their challenges and achieve their goals.

  • Sponsoring 7,594 children through Variety’s Kiwi Kids programme. These kids were going without basic essentials like clothing, warm bedding and school uniforms.