Energy Efficient Bulbs


The Warehouse aim to deliver our customers the savings that Eco bulbs offer as longer life bulbs, with a cheaper running cost due to less electricity consumption. We are conscious of the environmental and sustainability benefits. We know the savings to be made from more efficient lighting and we’re redoubling out efforts to help our customers do the same.

We will offer great prices on a full range of Eco bulbs and will phase out incandescent bulbs, offering them within our range only where Eco bulbs are not yet available.


The Technologies


• Halogena is a direct replacement for an incandescent globe.
• They provide many of the same benefits e.g. full dimming capabilities.
• They offer at least 30% energy savings and can last 2-5 times longer than traditional incandescent globes.
• Halogen globes are widely used in all types of light fittings e.g. downlights, spot lights etc.
• Can provide up to 43% energy savings when compared to standard incandescent globes.
• Also called compact fluorescent light.
• CFL’s use almost 80% less energy and last up to 15 times longer than their incandescent predecessors.
• Also called light emitting diode.
• LED globes use up to 80% less energy and last up to 20 times longer than their halogen or incandescent predecessors.




Choose the correct energy efficient replacement to get the same light as an old fashioned bulb: