Towel Buying Guide

When buying new towels you should consider:

Weight: The more yarn in the towel, the more absorbent the towel will be. Heavier towels will be able to absorb more water and light-weight towels will absorb less but dry faster.
Cotton type and quality: Determines the durability, absorbency and feel of the towel. 
Quality Control: We test all our towels for absorbency, shrinkage and colour fastness to ensure they wash and wear well and offer good value for money.

Our Range

Manhattan:  Lightweight, 430gsm 100% cotton bath, spa, hand and face towel with a soft border, gives great value as an everyday core essential for any bathroom. Available in 5 colours.

Lincoln:  Made from 100% cotton these soft and absorbent 560gsm towels with a contemporary border, are available in spa, bath, hand, face and 700gsm mat across 10 colours.

Geneva:  Luxuriously thick, and just the right weight for optimum softness and absorbency, these 600gsm 100% cotton towels make having to leave the bath or shower more bearable! Available in bath, spa, face and hand across 8 colours.


Size Guide
Living & Co Manhattan Range 430gsm 100% Cotton Face Towel 30cm x 30cm
    Hand Towel 35cm x 55cm
    Bath Towel 65cm x 135cm
    Spa Towel 90cm x 150cm
Living & Co Lincoln Range 560gsm 100% Cotton Face Towel 30cm x 30cm
    Hand Towel 45cm x 60cm
    Bath Towel 68cm x 137cm
    Spa Towel 90cm x 150cm
  700gsm 100% Cotton Bath Mat 50cm x 75cm
Living & Co Geneva Range 600gsm 100% Cotton Face Towel 33cm x 33cm
    Hand Towel 40cm x 65cm
    Bath Towel 68cm x 137cm
    Spa Towel 80cm x 160cm

General Care

  • — Follow the wash care instructions
  • — Limit the use of fabric softeners on towels - prolonged use will leave a film on the threads and decrease absorbency
  • — Larger and heavier towels are more absorbent but they will take longer to dry
  • — To avoid colour-fading use detergents designed for colours and dilute or dissolve in water prior to laundering
  • — Tumble-drying on cool/medium heat will give towels a soft finish
  • — All towels need a period of time to "settle down" - after with they will fluff less and become more absorbent. Softer and darker towels tend to fluff more and for longer.