How do I know what size curtain or sheer I need to buy?
Measure your window size according to the ‘How to measure for my curtains information

Do I need more than one curtain pack to cover my window?
If it is an extra wide window you may have to buy an extra curtain pack. If you still can’t find the right size try our EZISIZE service for additional sizes.

How many curtains are there in one pack?
Curtains are sold in pairs. Sheers are sold as one per pack.

Can I buy these curtains in other sizes?
Yes* – With our EZISIZE service you can select 51 extra curtains sizes in addition to our standard sizes.
*Please note this service is not available in all designs.

Can you send me a fabric sample of a certain design?
No this service is not available but samples of each curtain can be found on display at one of our 92 stores.

Are curtain packs colour batched in store?
No- curtain packs are not colour batched in store.

Are the curtains pattern matched?
The curtains are not pattern matched.

Are these curtains lined?
Yes. The majority of our curtains are thermal lined. Designed for New Zealand conditions thermal lining helps to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We have a small range of curtains that have a separate microfiber polyester lining.

What is thermal lining?
Thermal lining is an acrylic coating placed onto the back of the curtain fabric. Designed for New Zealand conditions, the thermal qualities help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What is a fabric lining?
This is separate lining that is created by attaching fabric to the back of the curtain. It has similar benefits to Thermal Lining but creates a softer curtain.

Do your curtains have joins?
Yes, our curtains have joins in selected sizes.

Do you sell Block out Curtains?
Yes – we have a design called Santino under the Living & Co Brand. These curtains can be purchased online.

What is a curtain heading?
Curtain heading refers to the style of pleat of finish (for example tab or eyelet) at the top of the curtain.

What is a pencil pleat curtain?
This refers to the style of gathering at the top of the curtain. A tape is used to create folds that are gathered closely together to resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. They are created by pulling cords on the tape and knotting the cords off at each end to secure the pleats in place. They can be used on curtain rods or tracks. The pencil pleat curtain is our most popular heading style as it allows you to adjust the gathers to the fullness you prefer, and gives more flexibility when selecting the size for your window.

Can I order a different heading type?
Pencil Pleat is the only heading type available for standard readymades and Ezi Size curtains.

Do you have a sheer to suit the drop of my window?
Some sheers are adjustable. You can tear off or cut to length. The longest drop available is 200cm. Additional sizes are not available through the EZISIZE service.

How do you hang sheers?
You can hang them on a wire – carefully slit at each end of the tape and thread the wire through. Or you can hang them from a track. (You will also need to purchase hooks to do this).
NB. It is important that the cords at one end are securely tied off before pulling cords from the other end.

How much should your track extend out from each side of the window?
In most cases 20cm on either side of the window. However, for larger curtains you might want to consider extending this to 30cm on either side.

Can I wash these curtains?
Yes but before cleaning please refer to the care instructions that are sewn on to each curtain.

Can you give me more product advice?
We are always happy to answer any further questions you have. Please do not hesitate to email us on


Please be aware that fabric colours may not be accurately represented on a computer screen. Please check the fabric colour in store at The Warehouse