5 Habits to Live through lockdown

5 Habits to Live through lockdown

We can all relate to that draining feeling of being in isolation in recent weeks and how we’re all looking forward to things getting back to being as normal as possible. Many of us adapted to lockdown by forming new habits, and we think quite a few are worth keeping. Here are five: 

1.  Appreciate what you have

The lockdown forced all of us to be isolated in our bubbles, and gave us a decent amount of time to realise what we have in our lives. It is important to feel content with, and grateful for, the relationships and things we have. Being grateful for those can help us be happier and less stressed. Start with small gestures like sending a thank you message to someone you’ve never thanked for their kindness. Tell your family members about the one thing you are grateful for.

2.  Get out in nature

Neighbourhood walks were one of the few activities allowed under lockdown, so many of us started taking advantages of the parks and green spaces around us. Taking a socially distanced walk or run is a healthy practice, and while you are out and about, take the time to appreciate your surroundings, from the trees to the flowers and the birds living in your neighbourhood.

3.  Meditate

You may have heard of the positive effects of meditation, and lockdown gave some of us the perfect opportunity to try it out. Not only can meditation help battle anxiety and stress, it can also help us find inner peace when the outer world seems chaotic. Grab a cushion and sit in quiet space in your house at a regular time to form a healthy routine. There are lots of meditation apps online now, from Calm to Headspace. Pick your favourite and start looking after your mental health.

4.  Time away from your phone

Lockdown meant even more time to spend on our phones, whether for social media, reading news or playing games to keep entertained. However, heavy mobile device use can sometimes impact our sleep patterns. Apps like Screen Time on iPhones and Digital Wellbeing on Android phones can help you track how much time you’re spending on various apps on your phone. Knowing these facts can be a healthy first step. You can proactively take measures to cut down the time you spend using mobile devices. For example, trying using your phone only outside the bedroom, or give yourself breaks from your phone every lunchtime and instead, look at the view or read a book. 

5.  Daily exercise

The Ministry of Health recommends adults do at least 2.5 hours of moderate or 1.25 hours of vigorous physical activity each week. Not only can physical activity help reduce your risk of a heart attack and help you manage weight, but it can give you a boost of energy, a better mood and improved sleep patterns. Some of you might find it hard to make time to go to the gym, but with many home workout apps such as Freeletics, Nike+ TraningTraining Club or 7-minute workout, you can easily get your heart pumping in your living room or in the backyard. Persistence is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so if you started home workouts during lockdown, that might have been just the start you needed.