Anzac Day activities for your family

With Anzac Day nearly here, it’s the perfect time to try this creative craft.

Bake Anzac cookies

Anzac biscuits were baked by soldiers’ wives and mailed to them while at war. Their ingredients in the biscuits lasted the naval voyage, making them the perfect treat. You can check out our recipe for Anzac biscuits here.

Draw your own Anzac poppy

Recreate this simple outline, colour it in and put it on display in your window, on your fence or on your letter box.

Share the day with your grandparents

You grandparents may still remember the impact of war, so sharing a picture of your home made poppy with them is a way to show gratitude for those who fought.

Don’t forget a poppy for your bear

Follow this video to make a poppy for yourself and the bear you’re put in the window to cheer up other Kiwis.

Add your poppy to your isolation diary or capsule

This year Anzac Day will be celebrated in a very different way because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep your poppy to remember this time for years to come.