Bee friendly in your garden

There’s a reason for a buzz around honey bees! They don’t just give us honey, they also pollinate the plants we rely on for food. So why not help them out with a bee-friendly garden? Here are two big things you can do:

1. Fill your garden with bee-friendly plants

Choose flowers like lavender, sunflowers, cornflowers, marigolds, poppies and forget me nots.

Plant herbs, including thyme, rosemary, fennel, calendula and sage.

And pick some of these trees and shrubs: camelia, rhododendron, wisteria, hibiscus, rewarewa.

2. Create a bee refreshment station

Did you know bees are only designed to fly short distances? You can help by giving them water in shallow bowls or trays, with stones and sticks alongside so they can drink without falling into the water. They love a sweet drink so you can add a dash of sugar to the water.

Also, bees love the colours blue and purple. Attact them with a blue or purple-coloured dish, or a plain dish with blue or purple-coloured stones or marbles.

Place your refreshment station near bee-friendly plants, then wait to watch them arrive to enjoy a drink!

How to make it:

What you’ll need

A plastic cup
Short garden stake
Hot glue gun
Coloured marbles or stones


1. Draw a line around the cup
2. Cut it down to make a shallow dish
3. Glue the stake to the bottom of the cup
4. Fill the dish with coloured marbles or stones
5. Place the twigs for the bees to stand on
6. Fill with sugared water