Boosting Your Wellbeing: Mindfulness

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge change to every household, with some finding it challenging to keep healthy habits and routines. This is where mindful activity can make a big difference. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to what’s happening in the present. What you pay attention to may be a thought, a feeling, a physical sensation or the people you are with. Becoming more mindful helps reduce tension, stress and anxiety.  

Here, The Jam teams share the simple ways they’re incorporating more mindful activity into their day during lockdown. Check them out, maybe there’s an idea to help you or your family. 

Cook together

In a shared household of five, we cooked separately every night before the lockdown. Now we try to cook together 2-3 times a week. It’s fun and brings us closer together when we can’t see other friends and loved ones. Try a pizza night, Sunday roast, Taco Tuesday or bottomless brunch.  
- Being at home, I have time and energy to prepare meals. Try popping a pot of soup on in the morning. It will be ready in time for lunch. 

Take a computer break 

I keep something small near my keyboard for when I need a few minutes’ break. Try a little notepad for a drawing, or a game or puzzle that doesn’t take long to complete. Switch out your item each week to keep things interesting.

Listen to a podcast  

I’ve gone through endless Spotify playlists on my morning walks. Sometimes, choosing music on my phone distracts me from appreciating the fresh air and scenery. So, I’ve started listening to podcasts a few times a week to inspire some thoughts that start the day off right. Try She’s On The Money  and Stuff You Should Know for some personal finance advice. 

Keep active 

I’ve started yoga classes on YouTube. Having one thing I do each morning helps me be more mindful, and to start the day off with some structure. Try Yoga with Adriene. 

Unplug your entertainment

Oh the joy of painting without the pressure of forced creativity. Adult paint by numbers is a great mindfulness activity. It’s a feeling slowly chipping away at it until the painting is complete. You can find paint by numbers artwork online.

- I've been making time to get through a long list of books. Taking time to wind down at night with my book rather than television and making a conscious effort to put my phone down. Try it if you need help to unwind and sleep well.  

Set a regular bubble catch up time 

If you’re working from home or have kids doing schoolwork at home, set a work free time for everyone to get together, share how their day is going and take time to eat something healthy. Try to get some fresh air and sunshine at the same time.

Bake a treat 

Baking does more for your mental health than you realise. When baking for a hobby, you need to be mindful and present, focusing on following a recipe, ensuring the measurements and oven temperature are correct.  


Think you know your neighbourhood? I went on a bike ride with my kids and discovered a beautiful reserve off the beaten track, a little playground, a community book library, and a boat ramp all within a 30-minute ride of our front door. Try it if you usually drive everywhere. You’ll be surprised what you notice on foot or on a bike.