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Bring back classic games (no set required!)

Right now, we need ALL the games. But we feel like we’ve played everything – we’re bored of the board games, over the blocks and a bit sick of screentime. Here’s where the classics come in. The kind of games you’d have been proud to invent yourself that made time fly by. We’ve picked five oldies but goodies whose time has come back around!


All you need is chalk to add a bit of colour and cardio into your day. Spend time making the squares super pretty and grab a pic to share before you start. And why not make some longer sets of squares for the big kids and kids at heart?

Paper planes

A quick online search will give you heaps of blueprints to make darts. Print one out and get crafting! Have everyone in the family make their entry into the flying race and give prizes for most aerodynamic, longest flight, best decorated plane and anything else you like.

20 questions

One person thinks of something for everyone to discover by asking rounds of questions. Pretty simple really, but the trick is the find the trickiest thing to guess!

Indoor ‘bowls’

Bring ten pin or the green to your living room with picnic cups and a tennis ball. Or decorate a bunch of toilet rolls and set them up as pins instead. Get ready for endless rounds of friendly competition and most importantly, have a ball. 😊

Scavenger hunt

This one can have as many variations as you like, and they’ll all add up to heaps of fun at home. Try to find things inside and in the backyard that start with a certain letter. Pick a colour or gather favourite things for a show and tell. The possibilities are endless!