Bring Matariki to life

Make your own Matariki star mobile by following the instructions below: 

Find a tree branch which is at least 40cm long. It’s okay if it is wet, just bring it inside and let it dry out in a warm spot for a couple of days. 

Cut out 9 eight-point stars. These will form the nine stars of Matariki so choose a standout colour. 

Cut out 60 five-point stars. These will form the rest of the star cluster. 

Measure out at least 12x 60cm pieces of string. These will hold your stars 

Lay out our pre-cut stars in the same order as the template below. Make sure you have the good side facing down. 

For each line of stars place a blob of hot glue in the centre of each star and then carefully place the string in the glue. Make sure you leave 10cm of string at the top to tie to the branch. 

Repeat step 6 for the remaining 11 lines of stars. 

Once the glue has dried take the top of the string and tie it to the branch. Make sure you follow the template so that you get the Matariki stars in the right order


Templates :

Matariki Star Map

Matariki Star Template