Create your very own Pinecone Pet

Did you know a pinecone can become the cutest little hedgehog? Pick some up on your next walk to the park, choose your favourite colours and get crafting!

1. Take the pinecones you collected at the park, then pick out your favourite colours to paint them with. Make sure you paint every part of the pinecones.

2. Cut circles, hearts or little ovals from coloured card for your hedgehog's face and ears. Remember to ask an adult for help to be safe with scissors.

3. For a cone shaped face, cut your card to the centre, pull around and glue the edges together. Fold the ovals into a curve, then glue the face and ears.

4. Use wiggly eyes or dots of black paint for eyes, and glue on pom poms for your hedgehog's nose and ears. Now you're done, put them out for everyone to enjoy!