DIY Christmas: Clay Coasters

Whether they're for yourself or a friend these Clay Coasters are the perfect Christmas addition.

Impress whanau and friends with these DIY Clay Christmas coasters. Perfect for gifting or to add to the Christmas table setting!

These clay coasters can be shaped and personalized however you like and the best part about it, they are so easy to make, and they look so gooood!

Step 1 – roll out your clay
Grab your clay and start working it into a playdoh like consistency. Roll it into a ball and use a smooth cylinder object to flatten the clay. Roll it out until you get it to your desired thickness. This one is rolled to approximately 1/2” thick.

Step 2 – cut your shape
Using an existing coaster as a guide, a shape you like or freehand, cut the clay with an sharp knife. You can smooth out the edges if you are after a polished look.

Step 3 – decorate
Grab your cookie cutters, cut out your favourtie shapes and use them as a stencil and start stamping. We suggest practicing on scrap clay to make sure you get the spacing and pressure right. You can leave your coaster as is or decorate with paint and finish with equal parts pva glue and water to seal.

Step 4 – Walk away
Your coasters will need to air dry for 24 hours!

And you’re voila - Enjoy your coasters at this year’s Christmas party or gift them to a friend!