DIY Christmas: Macramé Bag

Nothing feels better than gifting something homemade!

This sweet macramé bag DIY is a great gift for friends and whanau to use at the beach, Summer festivals or just out shopping.

This easy DIY macramé bag is a great project and gift this Christmas. Follow the easy steps below to create your own macramé masterpiece.

Note – We have added measurements, but you can make this bag as big or as small as you like.

  1. Cut 12 lengths of macramé at 2800m
  2. Fold in half and measure 250mm from fold. Tie off here.
  3. Take longer end and plait for 500mm. Tie off. This will be your handle
  4. Fold in half again and set one half aside. From handle split loose thread into three sets of four. Measure 70mm down and box knot on each set.
  5. Note - I only measure the first knot on each row and match the rest by eye. You can measure all knots or none. Completely up to you

  6. Repeat on other side
  7. For next row place both sides next to each other. In the middle take two strings from each side and box knot. Continue to work your way out. Once you have two strings remaining on the outer edge of each side bring them together and box knot.