Paper Bloom Version 1

Here are the steps and things you’ll need:

- You’ll need tissue paper to create fluffy flowers. I used two sheets of 2ply tissue paper as seen on video. 2 sheets make two blooms.

- A pair of scissors to trim
- Glad Wrap to fasten and hold bloom in place. 
- Twigs used for flower stems (you can use other options if you prefer). After completing the flower, twist and tie the Glad Wrap tail to stem to connect the flower to the stem.
- Highlighter to colour-in the flower edges (optional) 

Paper Bloom Version 2

Here are the steps and things you’ll need:

- You can use either Wrapping Paper, Magazines, Newspaper, Craft Paper etc.
- You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut them into various shapes; as seen in photo, we used mostly triangular shapes.
- Some bamboo sticks as flower stems.
- Decorate the stems with your cut outs, every stick can be different in shapes and colours.