Energy Saving Tips

With Winter fast approaching, it’s time to get the heaters out and get cosy on the couch.
We use more power in these colder days, so here are some tips you can use to make smart savings.

Keep your family warm

Draw your curtains as soon as the heat of the day is gone. This helps to keep the heat from the day inside the house. In the morning, open the curtains bright and early to take advantage of daytime sunlight and heat.

Unplug your appliances

Even if your appliances are on standby, they are still using energy. Switch them off at the wall when you are not using them, including mobile phone chargers - this will help you save up to 11% on your power bill every year.

Empty clothes dryer lint

A lint build-up in your dyer ducting is not only a fire hazard, but it also keeps your dryer from running effectively. Aim to clean it out once a month to keep it running efficiently.

Use draught stoppers

Get crafty and make your own draught stoppers for windows and doors. This will help keep cold air out and warm air in, reducing the need for electric heating. There are many ways to make your own - you can use woollen socks, old jeans or even ‘wool cool’ bags for food boxes. Google DIY draught stops, and the options are limitless.

Use cold water for laundry

An easy way to save on your electric bill is to simply use cold water when doing laundry. Using hot water will consume more electricity because the water heater will need to turn on as well.

Insulate your windows

Insulating your windows helps keep warmth in and moisture out. You can use items such as plastic wrap or bubble wrap as makeshift double glazing.