How to know your online shopping is safe

With more stores opening their virtual doors to us to shop online, it’s a great time to use this option. But we also need to know that our safety, and the safety of people working behind the scenes is top of mind. Be assured this is our group’s top priority. Read on below to find out more about how we’re keeping everyone safe.

We’re staying safe at work by...
- Keeping two metres between team members, even during breaks. 
- Following good hygiene practices of hand washing and sanitising, and ensuring that team members who are unwell stay away from the workplace. 
- Frequently cleaning pens, devices and work tools (with sanitiser where possible). 
- Not using hands to open doors, if it can be avoided. 
- Using personal protective equipment as needed. 

And before staff leave work, they... 
- Wipe down (and where possible, sanitise) workstations and/or machines. 
- Clean phones and leave pens behind. 
- Thoroughly wash their hands and arms 

When heading home, we... 
- Wipe down (and where possible, sanitise) vehicles if sharing a ride with a workmate. 
- Take shoes off outside our houses. 
- Remove outer clothing at the front door (e.g. a hoodie, a fleece) and put it in the washing machine for an immediate wash. 
- Don’t hug anyone (yet)! 

Immediately take a thorough, hot shower.