DIY Diorama

Using items from your household recycling like cardboard and containers along with things you can find in your garden, you can build play diorama for your toy cars that looks just like a miniature world! If you can’t find the items shown here, get creative and think how you could use what you do have.

1. Find a large piece of cardboard, plastic or thick paper to use as a flat base

2. Look through your recycling for items you can use to construct buildings or features

3. Perhaps use a box with a lid for a garage and cut some door into the box, stack items to build a tall volcano or mountain, or cut out some flat blue plastic pieces to make a shiny lake

Tip: You can use scrunched up paper and masking tape instead of paper mache

4. Mark out where you want your road to be with a pencil, maybe add a bridge and a ramp

5. Put some glue on areas where you want to create some texture, then sprinkle some sand over the glue. When the glue has dried, shake off the loose sand

6. If you have some paint (or felt tip markers or crayons) you can colour in the road, grass and volcano – don’t forget the lava!

7. Cut out small bits of white insulation tape to use as road markings, or use white paint, or glue on bits of paper

8. Next look around your garden for twigs that look like tiny trees, bits of dry moss, small stones and bits of bark

9. Punch small holes through the base and glue in your tiny trees, decorate them with moss to look like leaves. Glue the stones and bark to the base also

10. Brush some cooking oil onto your plastic lake to make it look wet, or glue some gladwrap onto it for a similar effect

11. Finally add your toy cars into your new world! You can store all the cars inside the garage when you’ve finished playing for the day