How To: Organise LEGO

We love LEGO here at the Warehouse, so how it’s stored is the topic of robust debate! We picked our team members’ brains from the store team to the CEO to give you all the expert tips to level up your organisation game. Decide what kind of storer you are, and you’ll never step on a block again!

Store it in sets 

While storing each set together with all its pieces and the instructions feels complete, we got feedback that it reduces the creative juices. We talked to the experts, the children of some of our team members, and they say having all the pieces mixed together searching for the one you are after is half the fun. Who would have known?

One bin rules them all

Some things shouldn’t be complicated, and this is one of them. There isn’t a more efficient way of packing up Lego than putting it all in one big box. You know it will all get tipped out and mixed together anyway, so why not give the kids a helping hand with that? 

*Bonus tip: Make sure you put a lid on the container. There is nothing worse than when Lego spills everywhere and you miss picking up a block which you painfully stand on the next day.  

The two-bin upgrade

Welcome to the intermediate phase, the transition zone between storing and organising. Use one bin for all the componentry and then one for all the blocks. This will help when you need to find those final pieces for the finishing touch.

Level up to expert

There is an ongoing discussion at this level about whether you sort by shape or colour or both. How you decide to organise your blocks will come down to efficiency vs. visual appeal. While sorting by colour has greater visual appeal the human brain can distinguish between colours faster than shapes which means if efficiency is your goal, sorting by shapes is the way to go.


This is a level only achieved by a very few, sorting by type is the one and only way to achieve optimum LEGO organisation.  Make sure those 1x1 standard bricks are separated from the 1x1 masonry bricks and so on so when it comes to making your MOCs you have everything you need at your fingertips.