Make a calm jar for a moment where you just need to stop - and breathe

Sometimes we just need to stop for a little breather to help us feel more calm when we’re feeling a bit annoyed, stressed or agitated. Our Educator Kat shows us how to make a ‘calm jar’ which can help.

When you shake up the jar watch as all the glitter, paint and pompoms are rattled around all over the place. This can be what it’s like when you have lots of feelings bouncing around in your brain. Then take a moment to just sit nice and still and take slow deep breaths. Watch as everything slowly settles down and becomes calm – just like we do ourselves when we take a break.

Give these activities a try after you've watched the video:

Have a try at making your own calm jar at home. Be creative if you don’t have some of the things that Kat used, there are lots of items around the house that might work!

Read through our Handling our feelings fact sheet and do Harold’s quiz here.