Good Jams:
Plunket stays connected to families

‘Good Jams’ is our way of sharing some good news stories. It’s about the great things our charity and community partners are doing to support Kiwis and how we’re here to help.

Helping Plunket stay connected to families through the lockdown. As the country goes through a period of lockdown, Plunket has continued to provide vital support to New Zealand families by moving its services online and delivering them virtually via phone and Zoom sessions over the internet.

This week, The Warehouse organised over seventy laptops to help Plunket bring families together for online parenting sessions, safely connecting communities across the country.

Chief executive Amanda Malu says that many whānau rely on Plunket’s support services for the development, health and wellbeing of their tamariki. 
“Our priority is to ensure that no parents or caregivers feel completely isolated or alone during this challenging time.”
“Thanks to this generous donation of devices from The Warehouse, we’ve been able to connect with families remotely, through Zoom sessions.”
Clare Ivory, parenting education programme facilitator shares her experience about how her virtual work is helping whānau during this pandemic.
“I have been able to support expectant parents and parents of moving babies and help them feel less isolated or lonely. We get to see each other face to face on screen so it feels a bit like an outing which they welcome very much.
“Parents who are introducing solids are sometimes hesitant and unsure what to do.  The resources have helped immensely, and parents really appreciate the guidance.”

Community Manager, Bronwyn Clayden, says The Warehouse has a long history of supporting Plunket to connect with whānau across New Zealand. 
“Having a new born baby is a joyful event but is also very demanding. We have heard that new mums feel alone at this time and wanted to do our part to ensure the connection between them and Plunket remained and they felt supported during these unprecedented times”

In addition to Prioritised Virtual Well Child services for families who need it most, Plunket will continue to offer it’s 24/7 PlunketLine telephone support service, online parenting education programmes, virtual community groups and other forms of online parenting support such as injury prevention, for enrolled families.