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Productivity + entertainment = good family time

Being at home can often mean more time for spruce ups and those jobs you had on the ‘When I Get Time’ list. That time might be now. But if you’ve got kids at home with you, it’s not always so easy to tick off your tasks, or to make sure the kids are getting the most out of the day at the same time.

Check out our tips for how you can do both!

1. Set up a safe zone If you’re fixing something in the shed or the garage, you might be able to set out a safe area for a little one to play while you work.

2. Get in the garden Little ones often love helping with gardening, getting their hands in the soil or helping harvest crops. Encourage them to be out there with you for some healthy fun and a helping hand.

3. The chain gang If you’re doing something outdoors that’s harder for kids to help with, like trimming a hedge, give them a green-fingered activity of their own like making a daisy chain or picking some flowers to brighten up the house.

4. Appoint your assistant Helping out can be as simple for the kids as handing you things or pointing them out – and this is a great chance for them to learn more about different equipment. Later, ask them to draw what you used or mention the items in a story.