Sleep better feel better

1. Stick to a routine. Get up at the same time in the morning and aim to go to bed at the same time each night to set your circadian rhythm. Keep to your work hours and don’t be tempted to put in a few extra at night in order to sleep in the next day!  

2. Kick off the day with a walk. Both the exercise and the exposure to morning light will trigger the melatonin in your brain to set the body clock for sleep at night.  

3. Eliminate that blue light. Switch off the technology at least one hour before bedtime. Read a good book instead.  

4. Limit alcohol. Have a cup of camomile or other herbal tea – there are some delicious ones out there!  

5. Relax your mind. There are many free apps and television options around right now for yoga and meditation. Or get stuck into a good book. Re-read an old favourite if you can’t get a new one. Embrace the cooler autumn weather and enjoy a bath.  

6. Get some exercise. As above there are many free options online or on TV on Demand. Or use those break times to walk around the block. This will also ensure you get the Vitamin D and melatonin triggers for your brain to shut down at the end of the day.  

7. Don’t check the time. If you wake in the night avoid the stress of counting the hours sleep that you’ve had and how many until you have get up. Don’t check the time. Try some meditation and allow your mind to relax in the knowledge that no matter how many of life’s problems are being sorted at this time, you probably can’t do anything about it until tomorrow.