Sustainable Living

We Kiwis pride ourselves on being an active, eco-conscious bunch. But the Covid-19 lockdown has made it more challenging to get out into nature and care for our surroundings. Puzzles, colouring books and walking the dog are great, but we can add to these things with some new, sustainability-related activities. We’ve pulled some together for you, and the best part is they help us be kinder to our planet and learn more about sustainability in general. Check out our tips for a sustainable lockdown life!

1. Listen to sustainability-focussed podcasts

Fergal Byrne’s The Sustainability Agenda is a great starting point for learning the basics of sustainability. Jay Siegel & Scott Breen’s Sustainability Defined explains one sustainability concept at a time with an expert in the field, and even throws in a bit of humour. Feeling like something closer to home? New Zealand-made How to Save The World by Waveney Warth and Tim Batt is a great option to learn more about how to become more eco-conscious.

2. Declutter

This can be as easy as starting with one room, or even one corner in your house. You’ll often find things you didn’t know you had, which can not only help you save money, but also cut down on unnecessary purchases down the road. Always remember to repurpose, recycle, sell or donate before chucking your unwanted items into the landfill.

3. Start recycling

While many businesses recycle, it may surprise you that many people are not recycling at home. You don’t need to break the bank to set up a system to reduce waste. Just start separating your general landfill waste from your recyclable waste into separate boxes. Go to your local council’s website to learn about what can go into your recycling bin.

4. Grow a herb garden

How many times have you wished your spring onions or coriander came in a smaller, more manageable portion size? Having your own little herb garden lets you pick as you go to reduce food waste, but also reduce the plastic waste that comes with your usual store-bought herbs!

5. Try plant-based recipes

Many of us have been cooking more during the lockdown. A roast dinner is a definite favourite, but why not add some new fun recipes into the mix? If you like, swap out just one meat-based meal per week for one that’s heavier on the veg - that way less meat is consumed and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from agriculture are reduced as well.