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Top tips for sorting your laundry space

Sure, the laundry might not be the most exciting place in your home, but there are plenty of ways to speed up the chore of clothes washing. Create a calm, ordered space for washing, drying and folding with coordinating storage, have all the essentials on-hand, and even inject a little personality into your home’s least-loved space. 

1. Have two clothes hampers on the go – one for whites and for colours – to save you sorting through piles of clothes later on. This will also help prevent that rogue red sock mixing with your whites and turning them pink.

2. Sort through your laundry products and throw out any you don’t use, or repurpose them to other areas of the home – if your old washing powder isn’t cutting the mustard, pop it in the garage or shed for future use. Decant products into cute, matching storage tins with wide brims with their own measuring cups. Make sure you label what’s what!

3. Always have a drying rack handy – even if you’ve got a dryer, take advantage of sunny spring days to hang out your clothes. This will keep them in tip-top condition for longer – and always try to air-dry delicates.

4. If your ironing board takes up too much floor space, buy a coat hook to hang it on the wall or on the back of a door – and choose an ironing board in a hue or pattern that complements your home’s colour scheme.