Why it’s better to get biking 

Keeping active has been a big part of lockdown life for many Kiwis – with less work-related travel, walking, running and cycling have taken centre stage. Cycling is one option with a big list of benefits, not only for our health, but also for the planet. If you’ve been thinking about getting into biking, read on to find out how and why to get started.

Riding a bike is a cost-effective and time efficient way to get from A to B. It gives you regular daily exercise, but it’s not too strenuous to prevent people of most ages giving it a go.

Cycling might be an option for individuals commuting, but it can also be a great way for families to spend time being active together. That’s also a great way to increase our mental wellbeing, so if you spot some fine weather, try to find time to head out in the fresh air.

Biking also gives the environment a boost, because everyone who switches their vehicle for a bike cuts emissions and helps clear the air.
When you’re getting started, think about the type of bike that will best fit your needs. You may need a bike for longer journeys on the road, otherwise or something suitable for a short pedals off road along a bush path or on gravel.

It’s helpful to spend some time practising short local rides to build confidence, and this is a good way to get kids started too.
Make sure you’re riding comfortably and safely with activewear, a helmet, a bike light, a lock, a drink bottle cage and a tyre patch kit. You might even want some fun accessories for the kids’ bikes, like spoke beads and a horn.

If you’re a beginner cyclist, joining an online group or a local club is one way to find out the best routes, and to make social connections from your newfound activity. As your endurance grows, you might even use tracking apps to measure your progress and complete virtual rides.