Winter Vege Planting

Want to start your vege garden but don’t want to wait until Spring? Here are the best veges to grow in Winter.

Why wait until Spring to plant your vege garden? Veges can be enjoyed all year round, so here’s a list of the ones that will do best in the cooler months. You can plant them from seeds or mature seedlings, which you can purchase at your local store. Always read the packaging on the back to ensure you provide optimum growing conditions.


If you are a first-time gardener, beetroot is the way to go. Other than being planted in full sun, beetroot is pretty durable. Be prepared to wait for the fruits of your labour as beetroot takes three to four months to mature.

Spring onion

You don’t need to buy seeds for this one. Instead, save the ends of the spring onion you used for dinner last night and put it in a jar on the windowsill for two weeks. Make sure you change the water every couple of days.

The cabbage family: Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage

These plants all come from the same family and prefer similar conditions. As they don’t like temperatures that exceed 25 degrees, winter is a great time to plant them. Make sure you space seedlings at least 50cm apart so they have plenty of room to grow and aim for a position that has full sun but is sheltered from the wind so that they can thrive.


Celery is a bit pickier. Make sure you have a deep enough soil. While it enjoys the cooler weather, it doesn’t like frosts. If you live in a frost-prone climate, maybe avoid planting this one.


Although you can grow parsley from seed all year round, in Winter it takes a while to germinate so we recommend you purchase mature seedlings. Don’t be afraid to plant them close together or around other herbs as they enjoy these conditions.


Spinach is perfect for growing all year round, but enjoys being in full sun. It will thrive in a container or a pot, but make sure it is well drained.