Easy Omelette

Preparation time: 2 minutes
Cook time: 2-3 minutes
Serves 1

An omelette is an instant meal, taking only a few minutes to make and providing good nutrition. Using a non-stick pan, makes cooking omelettes hassle-free.


2 large eggs 
2 tablespoons water 
Pinch salt 
Seasoning of pepper 


1 slice ham, chopped
A little crumbled feta 
3-4 olives, black or green 


Place a plate into the oven on a low temperature to just warm through; omelettes need to be served on a warm plate. Have the filling ingredients ready. 

Beat the eggs with the water and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. 

Heat a small 20cm non-stick frying pan and when hot, pour in the egg mixture, and quickly using the flat under side of a fork, swirl the egg mixture around the pan. Once the egg mixture begins to set in sections stop swirling and leave the omelette to cook. Scatter the ham and feta cheese on one half of the omelette. 

When the egg has set, but is still moist-looking, flip one side over the other to enclose the filling and turn the omelette onto the pre-warmed plate to serve.