Road Trip Essentials: The Great Kiwi Getaway

Summer and road trips are the perfect match! They are compatible in every way just like bread is to spread, and The Warehouse is to bargains!

Why to Road Trips?

Not that you need convincing but scientists have proven that extended driving excursions is the secret to keeping youthful (well not really but wouldn't that be awesome)

  • - Go beyond the beaten track and discover awesome hidden treasures!
  • - No need to stress about how much your luggage weighs - fill your car to the brim ;)
  • - Each town has a unique story to tell. Why not stop off, have lunch, and explore smaller townships along the way.
  • - Don't like long drives? Keep your sanity with the obligitory car game and/or sing-a-longs to pass the time.
    • Note: Singing loud is compulsory, singing in tune isn't.
  • - Everyone becomes a full-time DJ. Compile your ultimate playlist and let the beats play.
  • - Yarns-a-plenty :) Road trips create memories to last a life time! You’re bound to have some stories to tell at the end of it all.

Right, onto our must-haves!

Catchy tunes for the car ride can boost the positive vibes, keeping things fun and exciting! They can prompt a sing-along and keep the driver from getting sleepy.

Living & Co Stainless Steel Double Wall Drink Bottle 450ml

Electronics: A car charger. Arguably one of the most important items. CD’s aren’t your thing? Be in control of your tunes with the help of an AUX cable! It’s easy to use and allows you to mix and match your own music. Perfect for amateur DJ’s, filling in any awkward silences, and not just the guy who called shotgun (make sure to grab a longer AUX cable to ensure all passengers can share it around and plug into their music)

Shop Drink Bottles

Our cool double wall stainless steel drink bottles are a must for trips in the car. They’re super cheap, stylish, and keep your drinks cooler for longer in the heat of your summer roadie vehicle.

Shop Back Paks

Back packs help you stay super organised in the chaos that often comes with road tripping. They are a must for unplanned activities like roadside walks or popping by and going down the luge. However, if you’re not too into being spontaneous they are also great for holding all your smaller essentials in one place.

Shop Chilly Bins & Cooler Bags

Keep your snacks fresh and your drinks cold with a small chilly bin or cooler bag, perfect for long summer drives! Because nothing is worse than going to grab a cold one just to be let down when you find your drink lukewarm.

Shop Sunscreen

Sunscreen has always been a must-have, and now more than ever! Check out our awesome Smart365 Sunscreen range which came out on top for Consumer NZ’s best sunscreen. Not only is it Consumer NZ’s top performer but it’s also a wicked $25 and less, exclusively in stores.

Shop Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes! Not just for babies! They are great for wiping up spills, cleaning hands, faces, wiping off makeup, and so many other magical things. This is right up there on the must-have priority list and is crazy handy!

Shop First Aid Kits

First aid kits are an absolute essential item to have for your summer roadie! You’ll be prepared to treat any small mishap that happens along the way, and ensure that everything runs smoothly even when the road gets rough.