Get Rugby Ready

For the first time ever almost all Rugby World Cup games will be available to watch live ONLY online. That means now more than ever is the perfect time to upgrade your TV to a SMART TV so that you can experience all your favourite streaming content on the big screen.

Make your existing TV, SMART TV 

If you already have a TV and want to start streaming on it you’ll need to check if your current TV has a HDMI port at the back of it. Once you’ve confirmed this, there are a number of different devices that you can purchase to SMART enable your TV. Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Dish TV are all plug in and go solutions that make streaming on your TV easy. 

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If you don’t have a SMART TV already then you’ll need to purchase one to get up and running. SMART TV’s allow you to access a world of entertainment by connecting your home internet connection to the TV. Using either an Ethernet cable or built-in Wi-Fi you can connect your TV to the internet and download apps, browse the web, listen to music and stream your favourite TV, movies or sports games. When buying a new SMART tv perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make is selecting the right screen size. Consider where the TV will be sitting and the type of content that you’ll be watching, TVs 60” and over are great for living rooms and watching sports and movies as they create an immersive experience. TVs 32” or smaller are more suited to bedrooms or kitchens and are great for watching TV whilst cooking the dinner or before you go to sleep at night. The Warehouse stocks a range of different SMART TVs from Veon, Toshiba and Sony brands at prices to suit every budget start exploring now. 

Connect your SMART enabled TV to the internet

Once you have your SMART tv home and unpacked then you’ll need to get it connected to the internet. For a fast, uninterrupted stream with clear picture you’ll need a fast internet connection. Talk to your internet provider and confirm what type of connection you are currently on. Fibre is ideal for SMART tvs but ADSL and VDSL will also work well if you don’t have it in your area yet. When you sign up with you internet service provider a basic router is normally provided but there are a range of devices available to boost your speed or wi-fi signal to give greater area of coverage in your home. Check out the range here.