10 All-Day Solutions to Surviving the School Holidays

School holidays can be fantastic family time – or they can feel like a war zone. So we’ve come up with 10 easy, fun, all-day ideas to keep your kids laughing, learning, entertained… and exhausted by bedtime.

Day: 1
Spring Bedroom Makeover

Redecorating or rearranging a bedroom is fun for kids, and it’s a sneaky way to get them to tidy up without realising it! They may love the look of their new space so much they keep it clean for the rest of the term.


  • Get inspiration from magazines, online or books from the library

  • Draw a floor plan of the room, cut out paper pieces for the furniture and let them plan out the new look

  • Give them a budget to choose or save for new items to make the room complete

  • Give everything a ‘home’ so the kiddies know where everything lives

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Day: 2
Creativity & Craft Day

Kids love to get creative. Get your own budding artists started by letting them loose with the paper, glue, paint and bits and pieces found around the house. The trick is having a few age-appropriate ideas ready to go.


  • Make it a special experience by proclaiming it Craft Day

  • Embrace the mess, let them go loose but involve them in the clean up afterwards

  • We’ve got four great ideas to get you started: (check out the videos below)

Bead Wind Chime

Bird Bath

Pillow Case

Sharpie Shoes

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Day: 3
Day of Blockbusting Movies

There’s always a rainy day in the holidays, or just a day of 'chill'. Pile up cushions and blankets on the couch or living room floor, pull out the popcorn, close the curtains and let everyone pick their fav films.


  • Dial up the relaxation by declaring it a PJ day

  • Winter throws, blankets, pillows, bean bags and sleeping bags help create the ultimate couch bed

  • Provide popcorn and create a snack pack for nibbles throughout the day

  • Build a fort so they can watch the movie in their own private cinema

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Day: 4
LEGO Imagination Day

You can literally build a whole new world with LEGO. Clear the dining table or living room floor, spread out the pieces and let their imagination fly.


  • Inspire them with a trip to a LEGO exhibition or explore Youtube marvels

  • Challenge them to create a LEGO version of the family house, car or pet

  • Try creating mini ‘cars’ to race down some indoor ‘slopes’

  • Go for broke and build an entire city throughout the day

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Day: 5
Outdoor Adventure Day

Time spent in the Great Outdoors is especially great for kids – and as a bonus, getting out amongst it is one of the cheapest and healthiest activities there is.


  • Round everyone up and head to a city park, a beach or a bushwalk

  • Pack a picnic, complete with blanket – make it an event

  • Take a small tent or a sunshade that they need to assemble by reading and following the instructions

  • School up on local plants & wildlife with a goal to spot and explain 5 things

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Day: 6
Fun on wheels day

Helmet up for a family expedition out to a park, skateboard ramp, or even just a cruise around the neighbourhood. Perfect way to get out and about on a cloudy day.


  • Get the kids to draw a map of your route before you go

  • Be prepared with a backpack each (with water bottles, snacks, hats etc)

  • Turn it into a scavenger hunt by challenging them to find a list of things – an acorn, a leaf bigger than their hand, an interesting rock

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Day: 7
Boardgame Championship

Take a break from electronic gaming and rediscover the fun of family board games. Take on quick-fire classics like Boggle, Connect Four or Jenga, or settle in for a long session of Monopoly, Family Feud, Pictionary or Scrabble.


  • Offer a prize for the champion of the game or Ultimate Champion of the day

  • If your kids like word searches, then Boggle is their game. Shake the letters and see how many words can be found in a short of amount of time.

  • Many classic games now come in New Zealand versions for extra local fun

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Day: 8
Become an Artist for the day

Get out the old t-shirts, spread out some newspaper outside or over the table, and get your kids creating masterpieces to decorate their rooms.


  • Visit an art gallery or the local museum in the morning. Talk about how the artists might have achieved the effects in their artworks

  • Use learn to draw books or videos to assist them with their pencil sketch

  • Then layer on the colour with paints, embrace the mess with ‘artist outfits'

  • Have frames on hand to honour their creations, straight onto the wall

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Day: 9
Nerf/Water Play

When the temperature rises, the best way to cool down is with a water fight. For colder days, a Nerf fight will get the blood pumping. Kids will jump at the chance to ‘get’ their siblings or mates. Just get ready to move fast yourself!


  • Deck two teams out different coloured T-shirts

  • Create target practice with tin cans and a cardboard bullseye

  • Give each team “treasure” to hide, the goal to find and capture the opposing team’s

  • Check out Nerf fest for more ideas

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Day: 10
Go green thumbs Day

Planting seeds, watching them sprout, and eventually harvesting is a fun way to help kids learn about how nature works and where food comes from – and is proven to encourage healthy eating! Bonus!


  • Veggies that are fast and easy to grow include: lettuces, tomatoes, beets, radishes

  • Involve kids in deciding where and what to put in the garden. Let them help with soil preparation, seed planting, and routine maintenance.

  • Locate the garden (or container garden) where it will be easily accessible to the child but in an area that can be viewed by others as well.

  • Make sure the chosen site gets plenty of sunlight and good rainfall

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