Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions is a service provided by The Warehouse Group. This is now available as a Television Delivery & Wall Mount service in The Warehouse stores (not currently available online). Customers are welcome to arrange additional services to be completed at the same time. These need to be organised directly between the customer and Tech Solutions.

Delivery & Wall Mounting Service 


1. Delivery of the TV to the customer’s house 

2. Unpackaging and assembling the TV 

3. Installing a wall bracket and mounting the TV onto it 

4. Plugging in the power and aerial connections (customer must have existing outlets available) 

5. Removal of TV packaging (if the customer would like) 

It does not include: 

1. The cost of the wall bracket 

2. Setup of the TV (tuning, WiFi connection, etc) 

3. Removal of the old TV (optional for an additional cost) 

How much does it cost?

Our Tech Solutions specialists will deliver and mount your new TV on the wall, so that you can sit back and relax.
Price excludes accessories and wall mounts. All packaging removed. Terms and Conditions apply.

TV up to 54"

Delivery and Wall Mount


TV 55" and over

Delivery and Wall Mount


How it works

When a customer purchases a TV Delivery & Wall Mount Tech Solutions Service from The Warehouse (either using the “voucher card” available in the gift card mall or at the cashier in both the tech entertainment desk or front cash desk):

  • Tech Solutions will contact the customer within 2 working days to arrange a suitable time to complete the installation • The installation should be completed within 1 week, subject to the customer’s availability

Terms & Conditions

Tech Solutions Delivery & Wall Mount can only be sold for TVs that are in stock. This service is not currently available for TVs ordered online. 2. Tech Solutions Delivery & Wall Mount is not available in the following locations: • West Coast of the South Island • Kaikoura • Off-shore Islands (Waiheke, Stewart Island, etc) • This service is not available in the following stores: Greymouth; Alexandra or Balclutha


For customer enquiries, contact Tech Solutions 0800 555 989

If possible, have the USN (Unique Service Number) from your receipt available.

Any additional work charged at $99 per hour.

Please contact Tech Solutions directly on 0800 555 989 to discuss additional requirements you may have.