Bringing the Outdoors in!

Create a home environment to thrive in!
Adapt your atmosphere to make your home feel like a holiday away from the busy hustle and bustle of work and everyday life.

Top Picks

Appeal to your senses by introducing tropical smells to your atmosphere. You can do this by taking advantage of our refreshing diffusers and candles. Not only does this range smell amazing, but they come in different colours that you can style to your home.

Living & Co Glass Terrarium 16cm

Bring the great outdoors closer to home with these trendy artificial plants! They require little maintenance so they are perfect if you’re on the go, or want a lush indoor look with minimum effort.

Living & Co Artificial Plant Cactus in Cement Pot
Living & Co Artifical Succulents With Cement Planter And Stand Luna
Living & Co Ladder Fern with Pot Green 45cm
Living & Co Glass Terrarium 16cm
Living & Co Artificial Plant Framed Palm 40cm x 40cm

Embrace tropical simplicity with this artificial framed palm. It’s perfect for providing a natural and contemporary look while being wildly affordable. This addition is perfect to enjoy nature without compromising on floor space.

Living & Co Ceramic Cactus Trinket Holder Rose Gold

If greenery isn’t your thing, bring an element of modern quirkiness to your space with these golden ceramic holders. Not only are they stunningly stylish, but are super useful for holding all your small bits and bobs.

Living & Co Ceramic Cactus Trinket Holder Rose Gold
Living & Co Ceramic Cactus Trinket Holder Gold
Living & Co Candle & Diffuser Giftpack

If simple smells and styles work best for you, take advantage of the Living & Co candle and diffuser gift pack range. These are affordable, contemporary and trendy additions, which will work a dream in enhancing your space.