The Warehouse Store Electric Vehicle Chargers

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Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our EV chargers.

What types of EV charging stations have been installed?

Our chargers are “standard” chargers (3-phase AC 22kw), and are designed to give your electric vehicle a top-up while you shop at The Warehouse. How much your vehicle charges will depend on your vehicle and how long you are plugged-in (as a guide it can take up to eight hours for a full charge).

Can all EVs use these chargers?

They are a lot of different types of EV plugs and sockets, our chargers only accept Type-2 cables. You need to provide your own cable. If you do not have the right type of cable, contact your vehicle manufacturer or a cable supplier to discuss your options.

Do I need my own cable to use the chargers?

Yes, all are chargers are “bring your own cable”. The charger only accepts Type 2 plugs. If you are not sure if you have the right cable, check your vehicle manufacturer.

How long can I charge my vehicle for?

The maximum time you can charge depends on the carpark time limits. Please move your vehicle once it is sufficiently charged so other customers can use the charger.

Will it cost to use the chargers?

For the next few months our chargers will be free to use, although we may introduce fees later.

How do I use the chargers?

For now, you can just plug in, you do not need a RFID card or log into a website (later you will need to log-in through a website or phone app). To start charging your vehicle:

  1. Press the green button on the side of the charger.
  2. Insert your cable into the charger and your vehicle.
  3. A green light above the charger plug should now be flashing, your vehicle is now being charged.

This video shows you how to use the charger (you do not need the RFID card in the video).

If the green light is not flashing, check that the cables are in properly and the red emergency switch at the bottom of the charger is set to ON.

To stop charging your vehicle

  1. Press the RED button on the side of the charger.
  2. Remove your cable from the charger and your vehicle.

By using the charger, you agree to our terms and conditions here.

Can I use the outside chargers if it is raining or the cable plug is wet?

Yes. Outside chargers are fully designed for use in the rain and for situations where the cable and plug may get wet.

What if there's an emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, turn the isolator switch on the bottom of the charger to OFF. Please call 0800 422 274 to report the emergency.

What if the charger is visibly damaged?

The chargers are designed so that if it is damaged it will not operate. Please call 0800 422 274 to report any damage.

How can I find out where other chargers are located and if they are available to use?

As chargers become operational we will load them onto and other charger mapping services.