Healthy Heater Swap Initiative

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Warming our homes in Aotearoa should be healthy, but some older heaters are holding us back. That’s why we’ve launched the Healthy Heater Swap, to take away and recycle your unflued gas heaters and give you a new electric heater instead.

Why unflued gas heaters? They produce pollutants when heating, but have no chimney or flue to carry the pollutants away. That means they’re harmful to our health and the planet, causing illnesses such as asthma, as well as emissions that aren’t good for the environment.

To swap your old heater for a new one, click here to book a time in selected stores beginning June 2022. There are five spaces per store on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sundays.

Once you’ve confirmed a time, simply take the LPG bottle out of your unflued gas heater, bring it in store when the time arrives, and we’ll swap it for a free new electric heater. But be quick, places are limited!

Plus check out our tips for energy saving and heating at home.

Swap your unflued gas heater for a healthier one

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Healthy Homes Gas Heater Swap FAQ’s

You can book a time slot here. There are 30 stores where you can swap your unflued gas heater. If you don’t make your booked time slot, your booking will be cancelled. Please check you’ve selected the correct date and time before you book. Please click through to book at these specific The Warehouse stores. Please note, stocks are limited to 60 swaps per store.

No, 30 have been selected. Click here to find your closest store or see our store map below:

Bring your unflued gas heater to the Customer Service Desk with the LPG bottle removed. Please ensure that you bring your heater to the store that you booked and within the correct 30-minute time slot. If the unflued gas heater is brought in at a different time slot than what was booked, unfortunately we won’t be able to swap it. A team member will take your unflued gas heater for recycling and provide you with a new Living & Co. 11 Fin Oil heater for free.

Unflued gas heaters can be unhealthy for New Zealanders and we want to remove these from all households. Unflued gas heaters produce dangerous nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide gas when in use, and without a flue to carry these gases outside or away, these gases remain in your home.

No, only indoor unflued gas heaters will be swapped for a free heater, please see example below.

Unflued gas heaters produce pollutants when heating, but have no chimney or flue to carry the pollutants away. That means they’re harmful to our health and the planet, causing illnesses such as asthma, as well as emissions that aren’t good for the environment.

No, please remove the LPG bottle before you bring your heater in to be swapped.

The Warehouse will provide you with a Living & Co. 11 Fin Oil Heater at no cost to you.

No, sorry. We’re swapping your unflued gas heater for one great-value option, the Living & Co. 11 Fin Oil heater.

You can only return the free heater if it has an issue covered under warranty.

Oil heaters are a great way to heat a large area as they warm the atmosphere rather than the objects around the heater, giving the room a more comfortable ambient temperature for longer and costing you less. According to Consumer NZ’s recent May 2022 report, the cost of one kilowatt of heat for one hour is 25.95₵ for an LPG unflued gas heater and 24.90₵ for an electric heater. Comparing the two heaters, it is more cost effective, on average, to have an electric heater.

No, the new 11 fin electric heater is completely free to you.

There is a limit of one unflued gas heater swap per household.

No, we’re happy to swap and recycle unflued gas heaters that aren’t working as part of this initiative.

We'll recycle the gas heaters through social enterprise All Heart NZ.

Your LPG cylinder can be taken to any Local Authority landfill/transfer facility, where it can be left at the metal recycling area. Unwanted cylinders owned by LPG distribution companies should be returned to one of the company cylinder exchange sites.*

*Gas Association of New Zealand.


One swap per household only. Healthy Heater Swap ends 11:59 Sunday 3rd July 2022 or while stocks last. The heater swap is available at 30 selected The Warehouse stores only, these can be found here.

The free heater is only available for customers who bring in an indoor unflued gas heater and provide it to a team member to swap for their free Living & Co. 11 Fin Oil heater. Gas bottles must be removed from the heater before the swap and are not accepted as part of the swap. The 11 Fin Oil heater provided through the swap cannot be refunded. If the heater is faulty, we will exchange/replace it with the same or similar product only. There are 60 heater swaps available at each of the 30 stores in total. The heater swap can only be booked online through our Warmhouse Healthy Homes Portal. It is essential that the customer who has booked the heater swap comes at their booked time slot. If you don’t turn up to your booked time slot your booking will be cancelled, and a booking slot will open for another customer.