Product details

Item No: 9401063583898
The Living & Co 10kg Washing Machine offers 8 wash programs and 8 water levels, to optimise your laundry wash. This washing machine has a 3 star water and 2 star energy efficiency rating, offering a suitable washing solution for an affordable price. Wash Programs There are 8 wash programs to choose from, including 7 preset programs to optimise your washing needs and ensure your clothes are clean after a wash. Wash programs include: Mix, Jeans, Strong, Heavy, Quick 15, Normal, Soft and an easy Smart Wash function. Smart Wash Program A convenient and easy to use program that will save you time and make washing easy. With a simple push of the start button, the auto control technology kicks in, the washing machine automatically selects the water level, operation, and rinse times according to load weight. Fast Clean System The Fast Clean System shortens washing time and is available in Mix, Jeans, Strong, Heavy and Normal modes only. This system increases the intensity of the wash agitation to achieve similar results in reduced times. D-Clean Function D-Clean allows the washing machine to automatically clean its inner and outer washing drum. This function is periodically activated by stopping the drain process at just below half water level. The drum will spin while the agitator rotates, cleaning the inner surfaces and maintaining efficiency. Follow the Instruction Manual for optimal use on these functions.

Features & Benefits

  • 8 Wash Programs: Mix, Jeans, Strong, Heavy, Quick 15, Normal, Soft and Smart Wash function
  • ZIP, Finance & Delivery options available at customer service desk
  • Fast clean and D-clean function
  • Max load sensor
  • 8 water levels
  • Energy rating: 2 stars
  • Water rating: 3 stars
  • 10kg capacity ideal for large size families
  • Dimensions: 1000mm height x 601mm width x 630mm depth
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty - extended warranty available to purchase