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Item No: 191726398509
Spidey is dashing around the city in between adventures and now your little Spidey-fan can too, with load and launch Disc Dashers, the freewheeling, 5” vehicles. When trouble appears, each Disc Dasher can blast out a disc by pressing down on the character's head to keep danger in check. The discs can be stored in the hood of the car for on-the-go fun. They’re freewheeling, which means you can take them out for a spin! GO-WEBS-GO! For more amazing adventures, be sure to collect all of the Disc Dashers! Watch Spidey and His Amazing Friends on Disney+.

Features & Benefits

  • EXCITING! Disc Dasher Little Vehicles from Marvel’s Spidey’s and His Amazing Friends are here!
  • CHARACTERS Each vehicle comes with a built-in character!
  • DISC DASHING When you press the character down, a disc shoots out!
  • FREEWHEELING FUN Vroom, vroom! You can take the little vehicles out for a spin, too!
  • GET READY WEB SLINGERS Your little spider-fan will want to collect the entire set!
  • Suitable for ages 3+