Taking Care of Your Jewellery

To protect your jewellery, keep it away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning fluids. Do not wear your jewellery if you are doing anything that may knock or dent it. It is best to store your jewellery separately in the pouches and boxes supplied or in soft cloth bags to reduce abrasions.


Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance, yet it is possible to damage them. They have areas of weakness within their structure which, if knocked, can cause them to chip or fracture. Diamonds need to be treated with care to ensure they last forever. To be sure your diamonds always sparkle, it is important to clean them regularly. We also recommend that you get your diamond rings checked once a year by a Jeweller.


Gold will never rust or corrode, although it is a very soft metal and can be bent. Your gold jewellery can develop a film built up of oils, so it is important to clean it regularly.

White Gold

As gold is naturally a yellow colour, other metals such as palladium are sometimes added to it to make it whiter in appearance. This process never achieves a pure white colour, so most white gold jewellery is then plated in with rhodium. rhodium gives white gold it ‘pure white’ colour and is extremely hard wearing. On jewellery pieces such as rings, the rhodium will wear away over time. This would normally happen over 9–12 months depending on the level of wear and tear. We can re-rhodium plate your ring for you for $40.


Silver jewellery needs to be cleaned regularly as it tarnishes upon exposure to air, oils, liquids and creams. Thermal pools will also cause your silver jewellery to go ‘black’. Regular cleaning will help to prevent tarnish build up and will keep the silver bright and sparkling.

Jewellery Cleaners 

There are many specific jewellery cleaning solutions available. The Hagerty range of cleaners is available in our stores. Take care to read instructions before use.