Electronic Trading (EDI)

Electronic Trading Policy:

The Warehouse requires all local (NZ based) suppliers to conduct ordering and invoicing electronically. To support this policy, The Warehouse offers suppliers two Electronic Trading Options:

  • Full EDI
  • EDI via The Warehouse Electronic Trading Web Portal

What is EDI?

“EDI can be formally defined as the transfer of structured data, by agreed message standards, from one computer system to another without human intervention.”

In the context of trading electronically with The Warehouse, EDI refers to the creation and electronic transmission of Orders, Advance Ship Notices and Invoices formatted in accordance to agreed international messaging format standards. EDI does not include the transfer of data via text file, spreadsheet or other non-standard means.

What is the Web Portal?.

The Web Portal is a secure website that offers smaller suppliers and those with relatively non-complex orders the ability to conduct ordering and invoicing electronically without having to undertake a full EDI integration.

Electronic Trading Prerequisites:

In order to trade electronically with The Warehouse, suppliers will need to be able to receive and send the following documents electronically via an approved EDI format or via the TWL Web Portal.

  • Receive: Purchase Order
  • Send: Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  •  Send: Invoice

EDI Messaging:

With the exception of some historical arrangements, all EDI messages will be routed through a Value Added Network (VAN). The Warehouse uses B2BE New Zealand as its VAN and all our EDI messages are transmitted via B2BE.

Suppliers with existing VAN arrangements may continue to deal with their existing VAN who will interconnect though to The Warehouse via ECN. Suppliers using the Web Portal (hosted by B2BE) will connect directly with the Portal without the need to connect via a VAN.


The majority of The Warehouse order volume with local suppliers is transacted electronically and the company is successfully exchanging Invoice, Purchase Order and ASN documents electronically with over 150 NZ based suppliers.

To enquire about becoming an Electronic Trading partner with The Warehouse please contact [email protected].